Please Volunteer!                                                                                                                


SYFA-USA is an all volunteer organization seeking to help Africans take control of their own future.   A small Board of Directors forms the nucleus of the organization.  However, it is a working Board and each Board Member has a specific area of assignment which they have accepted responsibility for.

Unfortunately, in every instance, the assignments the Board Members have accepted are too large, too complex and too overwhelming to be undertaken by one person.  We hope we can find volunteers who are willing to work with us, and each one can contribute a small part to the overall success of the organization.  There are no prerequisites and anyone who is sincere in their desire to help can participate.  We are reminded of the importance of volunteers by Farmer Tantoh’s frequent message:

Make A Difference In Life!

 It doesn’t matter where you come from you are never too small or insignificant to contribute to the long term sustainability of our planet.  By doing simple things to the best of your ability, you are improving our world.

 Farmer Tantoh        


Volunteer Options

There are a number of projects, and you can even suggest your own project!  Most volunteers will work with one of the Board Members who is coordinating the much larger projects. Volunteers are welcome to attend Board meetings and to voice opinions, but cannot vote.  Volunteers also have the ability to be selected to become Board Members.

If you are interested  in becoming a volunteer for SYFA-USA, please contact Penny Mueller at penmueller58@yahoo.com