Sustainable Water Projects

Sustainable Water Projects                                                                                               November 2012

SYFA-USA is dedicated to creating truly sustainable sources of safe water in Africa.  While this includes development of water catchments and the drilling of wells for water, the more important undertaking is to create public awareness of the issues surrounding fresh water.

The provisions of wells and catchments may provide water, but safe water requires teaching the local villagers many things about water use, hygiene, waterborne disease and safe use of water in their homes.  To do this SYFA-USA is developing training programs aimed at a number of areas in order to assure the water which is available is used safely.

A major objective of the training programs is to create community ownership of the safe water issue.  The programs are being developed in order to train-the-trainers to take the water programs into their community and make them on-going.  SYFA-USA realizes it cannot show up, train and leave and expect the programs to succeed.  The program has to empower the community to take control of their own destiny and create an international support structure to continue to support the local community to achieve safe water.

Water is a woman’s issue in Africa, as women are the family member responsible for gathering water and using water in the home.  Therefore, SYFA-USA’s programs are being developed with this audience in mind.  Also the programs include the development of local advisory councils comprised of the village women.  SYFA-USA seeks their input and guidance and hopes through joint cooperation to keep programs alive after the SYFA-USA volunteer trainers leave for home.

Help us meet our fundraising goal

SYFA-USA asks for your donation today in order to give school children clean and safe water tomorrow!  Help us meet our goal to raise $5000 by March and complete Phase II of the Binju water project before the rainy season begins and makes roads impassable and materials difficult to maneuver.   Your donation will help […]