Under the direction of a SYFA-USA Mentor the Intern shall assist SYFA-USA staff in communication and marketing activities, implementing various programs, and administrative activities. Based on the individual’s skills and interests, Interns will have the opportunity to learn and participate in a variety of work from writing grant proposals and organizing fundraising to managing projects in Cameroon. Specific duties may include, but may not be limited to the following:

1.) Coordination of project support and funding for projects in Cameroon
2.) Creation of educational materials to be used in Cameroon
3.) Taking responsibility for organizing and managing fund raising events
4.) Coordination of project volunteers and fund raisers
5.) Preparing periodic project updates for the SYFA-USA Board of Directors
6.) Corresponding and meeting with potential donors to educate them about SYFA-USA
7.) Meeting with schools and civic groups to educate them about SYFA-USA
8.) Other duties and responsibility as needed to accomplish the selected project.

If you are interested in becoming a SYFA-USA Intern please check our website again soon for openings in the program.