Who are the “Mentors”?

Each volunteer is assigned a mentor to help them with their project.  Who are these mentors? You guessed it, old burned out hippies!  They also include executives in Fortune 500 Corporations, lawyers, college professors, and Fulbright Scholars.

There are many people involved and committed to supporting Farmer Tantoh who are very smart.  These are individuals with vast life experiences and a passion for Farmer Tantoh’s vision in Africa.

You will have an opportunity to get to know your mentor and receive advice and leadership from them! They have an understanding of the real world and some very good connections in the job market.

Most importantly, when you volunteer they are willing to make a commitment to you, to make sure you succeed and to help you in your career.  This is what they commit to when they sign up to be a Mentor Volunteer.

1.) Preparing periodic project updates for the SYFA-USA Board of Directors

2.) Corresponding and meeting with potential donors to educate them about SYFA-USA

3.) Meeting with schools and civic groups to educate them about SYFA-USA

4.) Other duties and responsibility as needed to accomplish the selected project

If you are interested in becoming a SYFA-USA Intern please check our website again soon for openings in the program.