Internship Background

15 Years of Protecting Rural Africa

Save Your Future Africa is an organization dedicated to a grassroots, environmentalist approach towards local development. SYFA-USA was formed in part to support award winning environmentalist, Farmer Tantoh, in his over 15 years of hard work protecting water sources and educating youth on environmental sustainability in Cameroon. As an intern, you have the opportunity to embark on a semester-long or summer-long program to take part in the various aspects of innovative and community-conscious development.


SYFA-USA (Save Your Future Africa) is a 501 c non-profit organization formed to raise funds for and administer projects in Africa which support the United Nations Millennium goals:

1.) Improve Local Water Catchments and Provide Sustainable Access To Safe Drinking Water And Basic Sanitation,

2.) Support Universal Primary Rural Education,

3.) Improvement in Rural Living through Community Building, and

4.) Integrate The Principles Of Sustainable Development Into Rural Communities And Programs to Reverse Loss Of Environmental Resources

The administration of these goals comprises many micro-projects which must be coordinated and managed.