What We Are Doing                                                                                                      

March 2013

SYFA-USA has adopted the strategies of addressing change in Africa pioneered by the Cameroonian Environmentalist Tantoh Nforbe, “Farmer Tantoh”, who has been recognized with several international awards for his work and leadership in Africa. SYFA-USA is proud to have him as an advisor to the SYFA-USA Board where he is involved in helping direct SYFA-USA operations toward supporting appropriate programs regardless of which organization in Africa is doing the ground work.

Under Farmer Tantoh’s guidance SYFA-USA seeks to empower rural Africans to take control of their own futures by education and local activism. SYFA-USA seeks to be a catalyst to allow action to be undertaken, but to assure the action is a result of commitment of the rural African’s to take control of their own futures.

SYFA-USA is working in several ways to support programs in Africa including of course direct fund raising. However, other efforts significant include working with volunteers to help create educational materials which are written specifically for the purpose of educating Africans who speak English as a second language and who are not western educated. Education is the cornerstone of the SYFA-USA approach.

SYFA-USA strongly believes in a multi-step approach to helping rural Africa take the lead in creating a better future for themselves. This approach starts with education where Africans learn about the issues and learn they have the power to create a better life for themselves. From the awareness education brings, rural Africans are encouraged to form community groups to discuss and focus on the issues to find appropriate solutions which they are able to implement at the local level. From the community groups SYFA-USA seeks to support community action where projects are undertaken to truly change the future in rural Africa.

SYFA-USA funding is limited on projects. The local community is expected to make a contribution toward the finance of the project and to agree to create funding for the long-term maintenance and support of the project. In general SYFA-USA funds are only used for direct project materials and all labor and local administrative costs are the responsibility of the local community.

SYFA-USA is also very committed to its donors and has accounting policies that assure money donated is used for the purpose dictated by the donors. As well SYFA-USA has set the goal of assuring that 85% of all funds raised go directly to the support of projects in Africa. This is one of the reasons the organization is, and will remain an all volunteer organization.

If you would like to become involved as a volunteer please contact Penny Mueller at penmueller58@yahoo.com