Save Your Future Association – United States of America, SYFA-USA, is a non-profit organization incorporated in Wisconsin with tax exemption by the IRS as a 501(c)3 corporation. It was formed to help support projects in Africa which align with the United Nations’ Millennium Goals and has four basic missions:

1) Improve local water catchments and provide sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation in Rural Africa;
2) Support universal primary rural education in Rural Africa;
3) Improve rural living through community building in Rural Africa; and
4) Integrate the principles of sustainable development into rural communities and programs to reverse loss of environmental resources in Rural Africa.

Water to Schools

Help SYFA-USA raise $5000.00 and supply water to schools

Thanks to the generosity of many donors SYFA-USA began its Binju water catchment project in the fall of 2012. Currently volunteers and villagers are constructing a catchment to protect and store spring water at the source and, in the future, to provide a water supply for local schools from this catchment. SYFA-USA is raising $5,000.00 now to get water from the catchment to the schools.

Please consider donating today! Your tax deductible contribution will help us meet our goal to complete the work within the year (and before the wet season makes roads impassible and construction difficult).


SYFA-USA is all volunteer-driven. Donations to SYFA-USA are tax deductible, and go directly into supporting our projects.

Meet Farmer Tantoh

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, you are never too small or insignificant to contribute to the long term sustainability of our planet.  By doing simple things to the best of your ability, you are improving our world.”